We’ve advised executives from many of the world’s leading corporations—across a broad range of industries. Our team has also advised government leaders from some of the world’s largest nations. In total, we have worked with individuals and groups from more than one hundred countries.

The sensitive and confidential nature of our work dictates that most of NAI’s clients can never be named publicly. A representative list of clients whose names we can share by industry is available upon request.

Here are two examples of recent client engagements that highlight the benefits of “integrated negotiation” whereby we enhance results by tightly weaving together a client’s core activities (production or marketing for example) with its negotiation activities:

An outsourcing deal: We worked with a large multinational in Europe as it looked to outsource highly sensitive operations. We started by assessing the precise status of its in-house operations, and through our research discovered that current costs were actually less than assumed and could be negotiated even lower. With the status quo more attractive than initially expected, our client gained a lot of leverage with external parties as we explored outsourcing options. We guided them carefully through the critical early days of these talks to ensure a successful outcome.

A renewed deal: We received a call from a small company whose biggest customer had just announced that it was walking away to a competitor, taking 90% of this company’s sales with it. We advised our new client on strategic and tactical steps to be pursued immediately, both at the table and away from the table. Once we understood the decision-making structure inside its giant customer, we led this client through discussions with key players there, quickly re-establishing important relationships, while isolating and weakening those trying to push our client out. Within two months, instead of walking away, the giant buyer ended up agreeing to expand its relationship significantly. We continue to work with this client on expanding its client base through new marketing initiatives so it will no longer be at the mercy of one or two big customers in its negotiations. We have also thoroughly reviewed the details of its customer retention strategies and all of its contracts to make it harder for clients of any size to walk away again.

What follows are other examples of client engagements involving NAI’s Peter Johnston. Several examples are listed under each client category, along with client feedback.

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