We are committed to providing world-class advice and training to help entrepreneurs with their toughest negotiations. Led by internationally acclaimed negotiation expert Peter D. Johnston, bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants, our NAI team brings dynamic and creative solutions supported by decades of experience—and success.

We have advised entrepreneurs on their most challenging negotiations, conflicts and decisions. From China and Peru to the US and UK, we provide specialized services that include: positioning companies for sale, and negotiating the terms and conditions of that sale to maximize value; delivering a tailored negotiation class to help our clients build their own capacity to negotiate in their unique environments; managing particularly challenging external negotiations or internal disputes; and spearheading strategies to fend off legal battles or bring them to a close faster and on better terms, while coordinating or overseeing legal counsel to minimize costs.

We consistently achieve outstanding results for entrepreneurs who are busy running their own businesses and need timely expertise to help them negotiate when it matters most — with important customers, suppliers, buyers or rivals.

Sample Engagements: From Advice to a Negotiation Class

Ongoing Negotiation Advice

We advise the CEO of a highly successful solar technology company on all significant deals with challenging larger buyers and suppliers around the world, including national governments, big corporations and the United Nations. This ongoing, long-term engagement includes: an ongoing, personalized negotiation class to build the CEO’s own capacity to handle tough counterparts; advisory work to standardize the pricing of complex product and service offerings; drafting a wide range of partnership and sales contracts whenever needed; and developing legal strategies to deal with non-compliant partners.

Growing and Financing Start-Ups

We advised the young founder of one of the earliest and most successful online advertising vehicles to help grow the company from infancy and angel financings, through to a major financing, while increasing the company’s valuation from $3 million to $25 million. Our involvement included: structuring and negotiating both debt and equity offerings; attracting new senior talent and negotiating their terms of employment; advising on overall strategy; sitting on the company’s board; delivering a negotiation class to build the company’s internal capacity to negotiate.

Launching a Venture Capital Fund

We helped: raise new capital; resolve disputes with former partners that threatened the firm’s ability to move forward,; partner with new players to increase shareholder value; attract and vet entrepreneurs for financings. This venture capital fund was later successfully sold to a much larger industry player.

Settling a Suit Launched by a Large Company

A well-known, fast-growing company in the southern US was sued by a goliath software corporation, and found itself mired in courtrooms and legal fees. Then we were called. After two days with our new client and meeting their legal team, we developed a new influence strategy. We then trained the company’s top executives to execute that strategy through a brief, tailored negotiation class directly related to their legal dispute. We continued to quietly guide our client throughout the settlement process. The result: a deal that met their interests extremely well given the circumstances, while allowing the CEO and his team to focus on what they do best: growing their amazing business.

Selling a Restaurant Chain to a Public Corporation

We started by settling long-standing internal shareholder disputes within this fast-casual restaurant’s ownership group, allowing for unified decision-making. We then worked with management to identify areas where operations could be improved to enhance valuations. In parallel, we developed financial projections, valued the company, and conducted talks with multiple buyers before focusing on the best offer. We negotiated the detailed terms of the deal, guided due diligence, managed the transfer of leases to the new owners, and oversaw legal team work — which resulted in significant savings to our client.

Selling an Independent Cable Company

Positioning this company for sale to one of two much larger industry players, while improving the underlying value of its operations through the generation of unique customer retention and influence strategies. Delivering a negotiation class focused on this client’s specific needs to enhance its overall influence efforts.

“In my decades of business experience, you are without a doubt the most able and competent firm I have ever worked with. Without your advice on all fronts, I would not have been able to sell my business, and for such a significant amount.” A Strategic Advisory Client in Boston, Massachusetts

NAI: A Negotiation Class Tailored to Entrepreneurs, Strategic Advice, or Help at the Negotiation Table

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