We don’t believe in cutting the pie in half and calling it a day.

We believe that before anything else, the participants in any conflict or potential conflict have to better understand one another as well as the history of their relationship and differences. That doesn’t mean they have to agree on anything by the way. We apply this approach equally to warring governments, embattled business partners, or couples simply trying to improve their personal relationships for themselves or their children.

We believe that having a common vocabulary can help unveil different perspectives and even very different interests, all of which can lead to “the pie” getting a lot bigger before it’s divided, assuming it ever has to be divided.

Then, and only then, can new agreements and new paths forward be found that meet the financial, emotional and relationship interests of all involved as much as possible, and often in ways the parties could never have imagined at the outset.

We help mediate, manage and negotiate relationships between:

  • Unions and management teams
  • Couples in personal relationships, marriages, and separation or divorce proceedings
  • Family-owned businesses grappling with control, succession or management issues
  • Consulting firms and their clients when arrangements don’t go as planned
  • Companies working through disputes or opportunities with other companies, governments or individuals
  • Governments dealing with other governments

Our clients know that our firm’s integrity, reputation, experience, creativity and smarts will ensure they’ll get better settlements that are worth more, however worth is to be measured.

Our goal is to build a strong foundation for clients, and then disengage ourselves as quickly as possible, because we believe that the more people can learn to deal with differences on their own, the faster new heights can be reached as they build or re-build their relationships.

Contact us to learn more, or check our availability for helping you manage an important relationship, dispute or opportunity.

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