We believe you’re negotiating anytime you try to influence someone to do something.

There doesn’t necessarily have to be a signed contract in the end, nor do the parties always have to meet at a “negotiation table”. In fact, most agreements remain oral or implicit agreements without any contract being signed. And based on our research and client work, some of the world’s best negotiators never actually get involved directly in talks themselves.

A big part of our ability to get high returns for our clients in important negotiations is how we think differently about negotiation and what it means to be a great negotiator. We usually focus first on what our clients do away from the negotiation table to better position them once they’re at the table, if they ever go there. We’ve coined the term “integrated negotiation” to reflect our belief that the way to consistently achieve excellence in negotiation is to “paint” all of your operating activities and negotiations onto one canvas so you can see how different pieces ultimately connect, allowing you to capture the most value possible in any single negotiation.

By defining things differently than the norm, and as broadly as we do, we’re able to call upon a wide range of strategies and tactics, drawing on expertise from many different fields including psychology, finance, communication, the law, media management and marketing.

Among the initiatives we undertake as we support our clients:

  • Review their operating activities to maximize results in upcoming negotiations.
  • Defend their information, interests, reputation and time as they negotiate.
  • Help them identify unique back-up plans should a given negotiation not go as planned.
  • Identify supporters, moles and coalition partners they need onside to get deals done.
  • Find paths to the negotiation table that weren’t previously there.
  • Design deals that are appealing to all sides.
  • Handle challenging face-to-face meetings smoothly and efficiently.
  • Ensure that agreements are respected.

Our clients tend to receive very high returns on our fees through the able management of critical negotiations and conflicts, time savings, and effective decisions being made at the operational level to maximize potential value on all fronts.

We can be hired for a couple of hours, a couple of days or a couple of months—working on the phone or in person—depending on your needs and budget.

Contact us now to learn more, or check our availability for advising you immediately.

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