As a widely quoted negotiation expert, author Peter Johnston loves to exchange ideas with corporate, government and university audiences about influence and negotiation.

Distinct topics he can cover in his presentations include:

  • Made to Last: Lessons from history’s change agents on how to negotiate radical, enduring change in households, organizations and nations.
  • Lucky Charms, Wall Street and Obama’s Real Challenge: How to negotiate meaningful, lasting growth for smaller companies, corporations and societies.
  • Cassandra’s Curse: How we ignore helpful prophecies from “smaller voices” — often with dire consequences like those we’re now experiencing in the global economy.
  • Negotiating with Giants: Getting what you want in your toughest negotiations.

Presentation: Negotiating with Giants

Best-selling book, Negotiating with Giants by Peter D. JohnstonHow do you negotiate with Wal-Mart as a tiny supplier? With a well-established venture capital firm when you’re a struggling start-up? With a huge competitor that threatens to derail your growing business? An ethical issue with an intimidating boss? A tax issue with an unresponsive government? The return of a stolen client, a valuable former employee or a canceled credit line?

Peter Johnston’s answers to these questions are driven by research he launched at Harvard University, and client engagements with smaller players and giants alike, including Wall Street bankers, political leaders, and many of the world’s largest corporations. His presentation draws on dozens of real-life stories, capturing mindsets and strategies you can apply to your organization with immediate results. You’ll see how successful smaller players from across time—such as Ben Franklin, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Bill Gates—have consistently turned conventional thinking about negotiation on its head, often changing the course of history as they negotiated against the odds with towering forces.

During this dynamic session, you’ll explore how to:

  • Defend yourself and your ideas.
  • Level the playing field with your giant.
  • Craft deals that meet your long-term interests and take advantage of size differences.
  • Draw on distinct helpers to infiltrate, persuade or pressure your giant to meet your needs.
  • Run your business on a daily basis in preparation for your next giant negotiation.

One thing is guaranteed: you’ll think differently about your next negotiation once you learn how others facing apparently insurmountable odds have handled the toughest negotiations imaginable, from hostage-takings and civil wars to nasty mergers and historic sports deals.

Contact us to learn more, or check Peter’s availability for a presentation that will entertain your audience while ensuring no one leaves the room seeing the world exactly as they did before.

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