We help construct the strategies, defenses, psychological profiles, analytics, relationships, coalitions, means of communication and processes that will consistently influence people and organizations to act in a manner that best meets our clients’ interests.

We work with a limited number of clients at any one time, ensuring that NAI repeatedly delivers outstanding results.

Our clients range from savvy negotiators who rely on NAI as a sounding board to help fine-tune strategies, to relatively inexperienced negotiators looking to develop negotiation as one of their core competencies.

NAI assesses a client’s overall goals and strategies prior to providing advice on any significant negotiation or conflict.

Our thinking and advice are first and foremost strategic in nature, often emphasizing steps that can be taken away from the negotiation table to create and claim value. We also advise clients on specific and important actions they can take at the negotiation table.

Our firm coined the term integrated negotiation, an approach that builds value by seamlessly weaving together our clients’ core operating activities with their negotiation activities. As an example of this in the corporate realm, we helped one client decide where to build a new plant based on operational efficiencies as well as a detailed analysis of how their new plant’s location would impact their most significant negotiations with clients, unions, suppliers and government officials. We also examined how each of these negotiations would affect one another as well as broader negotiations not directly connected to the new plant. The result: a finely tuned, forward-looking and wholly integrated strategy that would produce the most value possible over time.

We bring to bear our financial expertise in many negotiation settings. At times, we also participate in client deals as principals, making private debt and equity investments.

We encourage the rapid transfer of our firm’s skills and knowledge to clients in order to enhance individual or organizational capacity.

NAI bills on the basis of a standard daily rate per senior advisor plus expenses. In some exceptional situations, we’ll accept equity in our corporate clients as part of our compensation. In other situations, we’ll base a portion of our fees on measurable results we help to create.

In the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, we expect to give our clients a minimum pay-back of ten to twenty-five times our fees.

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