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NAI: Negotiation Experts Delivering Negotiation Consulting & Negotiating Seminars Worldwide

NAI is a boutique advisory firm that quietly helps businesses, governments, unions and individual clients maximize their performance in high-stake negotiations. Our team of negotiation experts offers exceptional services related to negotiation consulting and negotiating seminars, including: mergers & acquisitions advice; negotiating out-of-court settlements; labor-management relations; best procurement practices; sales negotiation strategies and tools for major accounts; keynote speaking; and improved internal decision-making amid uncertainty or conflict.

Negotiation Experts

Our work draws on decades of research at Harvard University, hundreds of case studies and client engagements, and the unique expertise and groundbreaking contributions to the modern negotiation field of our firm’s founder, Peter D. Johnston.

Peter has advised CEOs on critical transactions, guided senior government officials in the face of national conflicts, and helped entire industries initiate and manage significant change. He conducts advisory engagements on a global basis, and has worked with some of the largest and most successful organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. Clients have ranged from the pilots’ union at American Airlines and HSBC banking executives in South America, to senior government officials in North America and Asia dealing with unique influence challenges.

Peter’s award-winning book, Negotiating with Giants, relays lessons from our firm’s advisory work, research, and some of history’s most difficult negotiations, ranging from trade deals and hostage-takings to Magna Carta. His results in the field of negotiation have been formally recognized by the United States Government for their positive economic and social impact, domestically and abroad.

Negotiation Consulting & Negotiating Seminars Worldwide

Examples of our engagements include: helping a renowned gallery negotiate the return of stolen artwork; guiding a small company in its successful efforts to get a giant retailer back as a customer; our negotiation experts supporting the Founder and Chairman of a high-profile fashion group in selling his company; negotiation consulting for a group of municipal leaders on a sustainable regional development and governance plan; speaking at a global M&A conference about the advantages of being a smaller competitor; training the board of a large union through a series of negotiating seminars and counseling its executive team on critical issues; mediating a dispute between a national government and its aboriginal people; and leading a government-wide initiative to train its most senior negotiators, renegotiate bad deals, audit key corporate relationships, develop standardized checklists for deal-making, and improve  procurement through new approaches to Requests for Proposals.

Our findings as negotiation experts suggest that even experienced negotiators often achieve only a fraction of the total value available to them in any given negotiation. That’s a significant opportunity for improvement, and it’s where our expertise can make a difference through our negotiation consulting and negotiating seminars.

We lead or support clients in any of the broad phases of negotiation including preparation, execution, and the implementation of agreements, often coordinating legal strategies and managing legal teams. Whenever appropriate, NAI’s senior advisors are directly involved at the negotiation table. Whatever our role is, we expect to deliver to our clients a minimum pay-back of ten to twenty-five times our fees, with our involvement frequently leading to returns that are hundreds of times our fees.

The majority of our negotiation consulting involves advising just one party to a negotiation, whether that party is an individual, a group, or an organization. Our negotiation experts also provide facilitation and mediation services to two or more parties to enhance their ability to create value and reach agreement. In addition, we deliver customized premium negotiating seminars, individual coaching and speeches designed to address a client’s current negotiation challenges.

“I can say for certain that we would not have an agreement that provided these protections without your help, guidance, support and expertise. You, like it or not, are now part of our company’s family having played an invaluable role at a critical time in our history.” Senior Executive of a US Company following a legal settlement

NAI: Negotiation Experts Delivering Negotiation Consulting & Negotiating Seminars Worldwide

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