At NAI, we are committed to providing world-class advice and training to help you with your toughest negotiations. Led by internationally acclaimed negotiation expert Peter D. Johnston, bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants, our team brings dynamic and creative solutions supported by decades of experience—and success.

Peter has advised CEOs on critical transactions, guided senior government officials in the face of national conflicts, and helped entire industries initiate and manage significant change. He conducts advisory engagements on a global basis, and has worked with some of the largest and most successful organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. Clients have ranged from the pilots’ union at American Airlines and HSBC banking executives in South America, to senior government officials in North America and Asia dealing with unique influence challenges.

Our Services: From Negotiation Strategy or a Contract Negotiator, to Negotiating Training

Some of the specific services we offer include:

Strategic Negotiation Advice

Whether you need just a few hours of advice to help you prepare for an important negotiation, or years of ongoing strategic guidance because of a series of complex dealings, NAI is here to meet your needs and help you get what you want. Governments, individuals, small businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations have all benefited from our innovative strategies, including our pioneering approaches related to mediation, bidding processes, negotiation, and relationship management.

Negotiation Training: A Negotiation Seminar

Any negotiation seminar we offer is tailored by our experts to suit your specific needs. From negotiation training to sales training, our workshops can help your organization build the skills needed to operate more effectively. Engagements can be one-time or reoccurring, and can range from a half day to a week in length.

A Contract Negotiator

Dealing with contract negotiations can be hard on relationships and time-consuming for people on both sides of the table. Our Managing Director, Peter Johnston, has acted as a contract negotiator and mediator for organizations and individuals over the past three decades, demystifying the process and delivering superior results in a timely manner.


NAI offers mediation services oriented towards maximizing the satisfaction of all involved parties, not only improving negotiated outcomes, but also improving critical relationships and communication channels in both the shorter and longer terms.

Speaking Engagements

Interested in hiring an engaging and informative keynote speaker to discuss influence issues of the utmost importance to all of us? The NAI team has spoken in venues around the world on a wide range of topics, delivering presentations and speeches that are both fascinating and educational, while whenever needed, weaving basic negotiation training into short, digestible formats as part of any speaking engagement.

Customized Engagements

NAI offers tailored negotiation services adapted to suit clients’ specific needs. If you have a negotiation challenge but you’re not sure how exactly we could help or whether you might require a range of services from us, don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to talk through whatever solution makes the most sense to satisfy your own unique needs.

Contacting NAI

To summarize, what makes NAI the right fit for you? Whether you need an experienced contract negotiator, a dynamic speaker, or an entertaining negotiation seminar, NAI has the expertise and experience to help you and/or your organization.

Please feel free to contact us about your negotiation challenges or negotiation training needs.

All phone calls and emails will remain absolutely confidential.

We look forward to hearing from you.

NAI: Contact Us To Hire a Contract Negotiator, or Deliver Negotiation Training, Including a Negotiation Seminar or One-on-One Coaching

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