We are committed to providing world-class advice and training to help corporations with their toughest negotiations. Led by internationally acclaimed negotiation expert Peter D. Johnston, bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants, our NAI team generates dynamic and creative solutions supported by decades of experience—and success.

Our advisors have worked with corporations ranging from Intel, Microsoft and Suez, to HSBC, Johnson & Johnson and SAB Miller, whether advising on uniquely challenging deals, speaking at conferences, or providing contract negotiation training. Our highly customized training allows company negotiators to create as much value as possible and capture it through systematic contract execution, supported by proprietary deal checklists that NAI has developed. We consistently achieve superior results on all fronts, including external negotiations, conflict management, mediation, boardroom dynamics and negotiating internal decisions.

Sample Engagements: From Contract Negotiation Training to Strategic Advisory Work

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our work, we usually cannot reveal company names associated with particular engagements, but we can tell you our clients include the following groups with the advisory work and training as described.

The World’s Premiere Consulting Groups

Maximizing the impact of their advisory work. Repositioning their client relationships to make them more enduring and more profitable. Trouble-shooting client relationships that have gone badly. Choosing the right initial engagement with clients as part of a sustainable client growth strategy. Delivering contract negotiation training along with other influence workshops and seminars.

Leading Wall Street Investment Banks

Getting better results from traders, investment bankers, and client managers. Dealing more effectively with cross-cultural challenges and global reporting structures.

A Multinational Goods Producer

We worked with this respected group in Europe as it looked to outsource highly sensitive and strategic operations. We started by assessing the precise status of its in-house operations and discovered that current internal costs were actually less than assumed and could be negotiated even lower. With the status quo more attractive than expected, our client gained significant leverage with external parties. Our team guided this client through the critical early days of these talks to ensure a successful outcome, checking in with company negotiators at breaks in their talks to keep things on track, while also providing contract negotiation training to ensure the company was able to continue creating value and capturing it long after our assignment was completed.

Global Service Firms

Keeping clients in the face of cut-throat competition, avoiding the “commodity box,” getting clients to pay for value delivered.

Major Software Corporations & Chip Manufacturers

Improving deals with smaller partners and the terms of joint-ventures and licensing agreements.

A Large Corporation in the Food Industry

Bringing together a team of commodity buyers from around the world to improve their already strong performance through contract negotiation training and training in negotiation and influence more generally.

A Big International Bank

Supporting and guiding the merging of half a dozen recently acquired banking entities in order to ensure maximum efficiency in relationship coordination, communication and systems across multiple diverse corporate and national cultures.

A Global Chemical Company

Preparing management for uniquely challenging negotiations with union representatives at a critical juncture in the corporation’s evolution and union relationships.

Large and Medium-sized Healthcare Companies

Initiating change both internally and externally, and guiding strategic initiatives and decision-making. Sharing best practices with sales teams through contract negotiation training and other negotiation training related to influence, identifying attractive targets, closing deals and keeping the sales funnel full.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU after the last week. I saw my performance improve 100%.” A Senior Executive from Vancouver, Canada

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