We advise individuals on uniquely challenging negotiations, conflicts and decisions. Our services often involve sensitive professional or private matters, and range from personal coaching and ongoing advice to a tailored one-on-one negotiation course for those wanting to build their influence skills.

Our clients include professional athletes, corporate executives, and spouses concerned they might be at a disadvantage in separation or divorce proceedings. We consistently achieve outstanding results, frequently helping to salvage or dramatically improve relationships once thought to be not worth trying to fix.

At NAI, we are committed to providing world-class advice and training to help you as an individual with your toughest negotiations. Led by internationally acclaimed negotiation expert Peter D. Johnston, bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants, our team brings dynamic and creative solutions supported by decades of experience—and success.

Sample Engagements: From Coaching and a Negotiation Course, to Representation

Professional Sports

We’ve advised a number of athletes, coaches and team general managers over the years regarding contracts, endorsement deals and partnerships, at times being asked by media to comment on sports negotiations unrelated to our clients. Whenever appropriate, we deliver a negotiation course tailored to the specific needs of our sports clients to help them negotiate more effectively rather than having us negotiate for them, particularly when they own businesses in addition to their athletic careers.

The Founder of a High-Profile Luxury Clothing Group

We advised this clothing designer and corporate chairman on how to best negotiate the sale of the company he founded while remaining in an active role with the company following the sale. This included negotiating the terms and conditions of his employment contract with the new buyer—salary, bonuses, equity, options, appearances and licensing fees. We quietly continue to act as this designer’s agent with third-parties to maximize the value of each of his deals—and his brand.

A Company Owner Involved in a Divorce

We started by delivering a highly informal one-on-one negotiation course to this successful female executive and owner of a high-profile niche brand of alcohol. Our goal was to enable her to negotiate directly with her husband, a lawyer himself, rather than involving third-party representatives on each side. Why? Because if younger children are involved, as in this case, we believe it’s best whenever possible to have the two partners to a marriage negotiate the basic terms of their separation or divorce agreement in order to build their mutual ability to deal with one another over time. The result, we are told, was an outcome and ongoing relationship that far surpassed all expectations when we were first approached to help out.

Patients, Affected Family Members and Medical Professionals

We have advised dozens of individuals in their negotiations with medical systems across North America, including doctors on their negotiations with patients, doctors negotiating their fees, and patients who feel they aren’t being heard. We have developed a negotiation course for doctors in the US, and delivered keynote speeches to healthcare providers about how to best influence outcomes with patients and insurers. We have also advised governments and insurers on their approaches to patients and alternatives to traditional approaches to healthcare. In short, we are passionate about healthcare, and improved health outcomes based on best practices globally.

A Television Personality

Behind the scenes, we have advised a panel member on one of North America’s most successful entrepreneur funding TV shows on their approach to negotiating through this unique format to systematically improve their deal-making and investment outcomes. Our involvement included a one-on-one negotiation course tailored to this format.

A Fired Senior Executive

We pursued severance for a fired executive in the shadow of a suit launched against his employer—an engagement that involved the hiring and oversight of a strong legal team. The result: a robust package that allowed this executive, who suffered from a mental illness, to take time off, improve his mental health, and transition to a new industry where he is now thriving.

“Peter Johnston’s negotiation course has forever changed the way I will look at negotiating. His passion for the subject matter is palpable and his course will no doubt benefit me in all my future pursuits.” Jasper Blake, Ironman Canada Winner, and International Coach

NAI: Personal Coaching, a One-on-One Negotiation Course, Ongoing Advice or Agent Representation

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