At NAI, we aim to provide our clients with the world’s most thorough, rigorous and memorable negotiation training, whether you’re looking for introductory or advanced skills and strategies. Our negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops—one to five days in length—are entertaining, highly interactive and driven by wide-ranging cases which you as participants negotiate together and then debrief, taking away strategic and tactical lessons. Consistent with Harvard negotiation training, brief presentations during any of our negotiation courses highlight key lessons as we explore the practices and mindsets of history’s best negotiators and apply them to your work, based on breakthrough research by the founder of our firm, Peter Johnston.

Peter is an internationally recognized negotiation expert, as well as the bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants. The negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops that he personally conducts are driven by the results that he and NAI have achieved for corporate, government, union and small business clients across hundreds of negotiations—results which have been formally recognized by the government of the United States for their economic, political and social impact. As a negotiator and negotiation advisor who has conducted Harvard negotiation training for decades, Peter always shares real-life stories in our negotiation classes as he leads discussions and transfers world-class negotiation skills and mindsets to our participants.

Negotiation Seminars & Negotiation Workshops Tailored To Your Specific Needs & Industry

Specific topics, cases and presentations to be covered as part of our negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops are driven by confidential questionnaires filled out in advance by all participants.

You can come to us, meet us in a neutral location, or we are happy to visit your city or offices to save your team the time and money involved in traveling elsewhere. We bring Harvard negotiation training to you based on the expertise of Peter Johnston, a Harvard MBA whose unique approaches to influence were formed by working closely with founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project, the Program on Negotiation and the Harvard Negotiation Roundtable.

There are dozens of potential negotiation and conflict issues that we can delve into depending on your profile and needs, including:

  • Conducting cross-cultural negotiations
  • Handling gender differences in negotiation
  • Negotiating with hard-bargainers
  • Using the media effectively in negotiations, including electronic media
  • Negotiating with different personality types
  • Navigating difficult internal negotiations
  • Understanding the psychology of influence in negotiations
  • Negotiating conflicts in both professional and personal relationships
  • Getting the most from your procurement or purchasing team
  • Excelling in all your negotiations as a small business or entrepreneur
  • Negotiating with towering corporations, governments or individuals
  • Dealing with extreme circumstances, such as hostage-takings

Premium Negotiation Seminars & Negotiation Workshops

In our premium negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops, a number of the cases we study are developed expressly for the unique negotiation challenges that you as a client encounter in a given industry or organization. Other cases will find you far from your own world: you might be a soccer player’s agent, an oil baron, a hostage or a film executive. No matter what role you play, the negotiation lessons are always linked back to your actual challenges. Based on our work and research through the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, and Harvard negotiation training approaches more generally, we find people tend to absorb new concepts and ideas better when they first learn them in an entirely different context than the one they’re accustomed to.

As part of our premium negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops, in addition to extensive interviews, more detailed questionnaires upfront and newly created case materials, there can be video-taping of participants negotiating which are then reviewed in small groups or with the group as a whole. There may also be pre-packaged negotiation videos to watch and discuss, sometimes as part of a special evening session. Finally, time is set aside in each teaching session to work in teams on specific challenges you face professionally, applying our methodology so you can attack these challenges immediately upon returning to your professional duties.

What Makes Us Different: Harvard Negotiation Training Delivered to Your Doorstep by One of the World’s Leading Negotiation Experts

Expert Teaching

All of our seminars and workshops are led by one of the world’s leading negotiators and negotiation advisors, Peter Johnston. Peter conducts a limited number of negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops every year, all of which are steeped in Harvard negotiation training but go well beyond the basics of that training by incorporating his distinct approaches to tackling all negotiations—but in particular our most challenging negotiations.

Highly Tailored

Our classes are carefully designed to meet your every need with respect to content, timing, length and location. We do not offer standard off-the-shelf courses that may or may not meet your particular needs as an individual or organization. No single seminar of ours is the same as any other. Peter is involved directly in the design and execution of every program.

Strategic and Memorable

You’ll learn, practice and absorb a defined number of memorable strategies, proven mindsets and mental models that will allow you to excel in any environment. In our negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops, and in keeping with Harvard negotiation training approaches, we do not believe in trying to overload our participants with hundreds of superficial tactics that are impossible to remember six months later.

Fresh Takeaways

We will share with you the results of our latest research and practice based on our ongoing work in the negotiation field and our new publications. We will ensure that you know how to negotiate AT the table—as well as AWAY from the table, a critical source of advantage that is frequently overlooked but where roughly 80% of your ultimate value is usually created.

We’re in Your World

If by chance we don’t already have experience with your business or industry, we’ll quickly get up to speed before our session and apply all of our teachings to the realities of your world—so you’ll know exactly what to do when you go back to work following our time together in negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops tailored to your specific needs as an individual or organization.

Feedback About Us: Our Consulting, Negotiation Seminars & Negotiation Workshops

“Very valuable…” CNN News

“One of the world’s leading negotiation experts changes how we should be thinking about our most challenging negotiations and conflicts.”Jules B. Bloch, LLB, Professional Mediator and Arbitrator

“Johnston gives surprising answers…presenting unique strategies and concrete steps…”Harvard Business School, Bulletin Magazine

“Peter Johnston’s negotiation course has forever changed the way I will look at negotiating. His passion for the subject matter is palpable and his course will no doubt benefit me in all my future pursuits.” Jasper Blake, Ironman Canada Winner, and International Coach

Contact Us About Negotiating Seminars & Negotiation Workshops

Please feel free to contact us to learn more, or to check our availability for negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops that have proven life-changing for many of our past participants.

We look forward to hearing from you.

NAI: Delivering World-Class Negotiation Seminars & Negotiation Workshops

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