The Negotiation

Led by world-renowned negotiation expert Peter Johnston, this program is highly interactive, entertaining and driven by wide-ranging cases which participants negotiate together and then debrief, taking away surprising strategic and tactical lessons.

  • Adopt the mindset and approach of the world’s top negotiators
  • Prepare systematically and quickly for your negotiations
  • Deal successfully with hard-bargainers and different personality types
  • Craft agreements that maximize your results
  • Create value by negotiating away from the table
  • Build relationships and coalitions to get and keep what you want
  • Defend yourself from common mindtraps

Tailored for executives and senior managers in the private and public sectors, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners and legal professionals who are looking to improve and refine their negotiation and leadership skills while achieving top results.

The Advanced Negotiation Workshop

Building on the mindsets, strategies and skills acquired in The Negotiation Workshop, this two-day intensive program takes negotiators to the next level. Based on the core principles in his best-selling book Negotiating with Giants, Peter Johnston personally leads this advanced training session. You will improve your ability to:

  • Tackle the most challenging negotiations
  • Manage conflicts and difficult conversations
  • Understand differences in culture, gender and personality types
  • Execute complex internal and external negotiations
  • Communicate effectively even under intense pressure
  • Negotiate better decisions internally and externally
  • Interpret body language and manage emotional situations

Designed specifically for advanced negotiators who are looking for that additional edge, as well as senior executives and entrepreneurs who are facing particularly challenging negotiations. This is a rare opportunity to access one of the world’s leading negotiation experts in a small group, hands-on setting.

The Executive Roundtable

This high-powered session gives eight senior executives from different organizations unparalleled access to Peter Johnston for two full days with a program entirely tailored to their specific needs.

Held annually at a resort destination, the group will be exposed to new ways of thinking about their negotiations, conflicts and decision-making, while working together on a confidential basis to prepare for their current or upcoming challenges.

You will leave with a plan in place and ready to implement. Includes accommodation, meals and all scheduled recreational activities.

Usually only available to governments and major corporations, these programs presents a unique opportunity for professionals to easily access global expertise that is vital to every organization—at an exceptional value.

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