NAI Limited is a boutique advisory firm that helps negotiators improve their performance in important negotiations. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by international negotiation expert and author Peter Johnston, our firm draws on Peter’s breakthrough research and client work with governments and corporations worldwide, as well as decades of research at Harvard University.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, government leaders, corporate executives and high net-worth individuals. These clients entrust us with some of their most confidential and pressing influence issues, and we’ve earned our reputation accordingly.

Independent findings, and our own client engagements, suggest that even experienced negotiators achieve only 40% to 60% of the total value available to them in most negotiations. That’s a significant opportunity for improvement, and it’s where our expertise can make a difference. We support our clients in one or more of the three broad phases of negotiation: preparation, execution and deal implementation.

While we usually work behind the scenes, we can be directly involved at the negotiation table whenever appropriate. In the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, we expect to give our clients a minimum pay-back of 10 to 25 times our fees.

The majority of our client work involves advising just one party to a negotiation, whether that party is an individual, group or organization. We also provide customized negotiation seminars, speaking services, and mediation for two or more parties. To find out more, contact us.

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