We offer four core services to our clients:

Advice, Mediation, Seminars/Workshops and Speaking Engagements.

At the heart of our services, we advise organizations and individuals dealing with unique and challenging negotiations or conflicts, providing systematic and proven advice to protect and capture as much sustainable value as possible.

Our services can be delivered in any of the following contexts:

With corporations or entrepreneurs: financings, mergers & acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, buyer-supplier contracts, competitive bidding situations, customer influence strategies and the management of relationships.

Within corporate, entrepreneurial or government organizations: sensitive internal negotiations around issues like compensation systems, change management, strategic planning, cross-cultural challenges, decision-making protocols, and the coordination or integration of different corporate groups and divisions.

With government leaders: civil wars, guerilla conflicts, ineffective relationships between different divisions of government, and negotiations with foreign governments and corporations over any number of economic or political issues.

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